GIT Helsinki and Accenture looking for women in tech

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  • Posted: December 21, 2016

On October 6th we ended the first edition of the Girls In Tech Helsinki Mentoring Program with the festive Gala that brought mentors and mentees together for the last time!

The event started with an inspiring talk on “Success through Strengths” by Linda Kallas from Accenture Strategy that was also the event’s sponsor! Accenture had been actively involved in the program itself through Alexandra Oborina, Senior Strategist, who participated as a mentor.

Accenture has been promoting  engagement of  women in the field of technology through its leadership programs. Right now Accenture Strategy is focusing on attracting, retaining and advancing top female talent and we highly encourage you to check their page for more information.

Here is a little peek on what you can expect by Alexandra Oborina, our mentor and a woman in tech at Accenture:

“Our strategy consultants identify and solve complex business problems, design growth strategies and find opportunities to operate more efficiently. Acting as trusted advisors for the top management of our clients, we help many of the world’s largest companies across industries to transform the way they operate. We work in teams consisting of strategy consultants, supported by our most senior local leaders and global experts.”

Interested? Here are several of  Accenture’s open positions:

  1. Jr. Software Developer:
  2. Technology Internship Spring 2017:
  3. Recent Graduates for Strategy

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