Founder Institute Fellowship grants for GIT Helsinki community

Founder Institute and Girls in Tech Helsinki are very proud to open up two new fellowships in Founders Intitute´s program for technologically oriented females who have aspirations to become entrepreneurs.
 The Founder Institute is the largest startup acceleration program – operating in more than 150 cities worldwide. It’s a three-month part-time program for very early-stage entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own company and may (or may not yet) have a business idea. A typical participant is already a professional in some field, but just don’t know how to build a business of her own. The program participants meet every Thursday 18-21 and are expected to work a total of 15-20 hours per week on developing their business – supported by all the other participants and 30 top entrepreneurs in the Helsinki region as their Mentors.

After applying, each applicant will receive a link to a personality+intelligence test.

Each applicant also gets to do *for free* a valuable test designed by professionals and based on extensive testing all over the world. The test battery  predicts whether a person has what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur:
As all GIT Helsinki community members that wish to apply have completed their application processes, the Founder Institute will announce on Wednesday, December 7 the results.
The best two applicants will get a Fellowship grant , i.e. get the opportunity to participate for FREE in the program (normal price for the program is 750EUR).
Naturally, all other applicants are also warmly welcome to join the Founder Institute program, as well.
Apply here by December 4 and start putting those business ideas of yours into practice!